For Brands

We provide distribution insights for individual brands through everything from high-level automated reports to dashboards that allow for digging deep into individual seller, platform, and product performance.


High-Level Insights and Tracking

Get customized reports sent to you when you need it. We provide both high level reports that will give you a quick overview as well as more detailed reports that gives you insight on seller or product level.

Because they have very different impact on your business, we differentiate between traditional price violations and unauthorized sellers. You’ll get high-level insights on both type of violations as well as the progress on enforcing.

In addition, we provide you with our proprietary metrics synch as Brand Harm Score and MAP Harm Score that will allow you to quickly identify sellers that are hurting your brand most.

Automated Enforcement and Communication

We build customized seller and price enforcement that is completely aligned with your business communication as well as your legal resources. We then automate the entire process, allowing you to be completely hands-off.

All you need to do is monitor the progress through either the automated reports generated or by accessing your brand dashboard in the system. For API access, ask one of our subject matter experts .

What’s Really Hurting Your Brand?

With metrics like our proprietary Brand Harm Score you will get clear picture of what sellers have the most impact. By calculating a score based on metrics like number of seller violations, individual stock levels, and seller revenue. You will also have access to these individual metrics.

One you have identified the sellers of interest you can create more detailed reports or go to the system dashboard to get data on the individual sellers. This could be product offers, sales history, and of course status on the automated enforcement process.