Monitor. Identify. Protect.

Blackthorne BP provides ecommerce professionals a comprehensive view of authorized and unauthorized sellers across all online retail platforms. Protect your online sales from counterfeiters, MAP violators, and unauthorized sellers.

Count on Blackthorne BP to quickly find and identify unauthorized sellers. Begin to shut them down with the click of a button.

Customized and Scalable Enforcement

Unauthorized Seller Identification and Monitoring

MAP Monitoring Across All Platforms and in All Countries

Automated Enforcement and Unauthorized Seller Removal

Don’t Miss the Worst Violators

Managing multiple products, brands and distribution channels make it challenging for brands to determine the worst offenders to your brands reputation.

Blackthorne BP’s proprietary Brand Harm Score makes it easy for you to identify unauthorized sellers and MAP violators hurting your brand the most.

By tracking the sale price, inventory, online presence, and other key indicators, our Brand Harm Score accurately ranks sellers causing the most harm to your brand. 

Want help correcting MAP violations and removing sellers? With a click of a button Blackthorne BP and our partners take over.

Automated Enforcement Flows

An essential part of an efficient seller and MAP enforcement is immediate and consistent action for all violations.

Once we have customized the flow to your brands’ specific needs, we automate the entire enforcement process while allowing you to monitor and track every action and the overall progress.


Automated MAP Enforcement Flow Example

Track Across All Platforms 

Don’t stop at Let us help you track sellers across all your platforms.

Key Agency Services

Our Tech, Your Brand.

Let us make you look good with our white label service. 

White Label Service

We provide a full white label service, allowing you to choose the branding, tools, reports, and experience for your brands. 

Branded Reports

Keep stake holders up to date on company progress with automated branded reports. Visualize your KPI progress. 


Dedicated Support

Unauthorized sellers don’t take days off and neither do we. Lean on your account manager or our support staff 7 days a week. 

Custom Dashboards

Visualize the most relevant data to make it easy to spot bottlenecks. Measure trends over time to track your progress.

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